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At Dundee Amstar Bait shop we not only offer a huge selection of products for your fishing needs, but a variety of other products that you may need when you go on your next fishing trip! Below is a brief list of the products we carry. Please come visit your local bait shop, located at the intersection of RT 72 (Higgins Road) and River Street, just blocks away from Fox River, to see the full range of products we carry.

Our Fishing Products Include:

  • Eagle Claw Hooks 
Eagle Claw hooks are designed for every kind of fishing condition you might find: inshore, along coastal waters or out at sea. They have forged points for deep hooksets, barbs that hold bait and fish, and tips created for easy penetration.
  • Variety of Rods
We offer quality name brand fishing rods by top quality manufacturers at unbeatable prices. Visit our store and see our wide variety of rods at low prices.
  • Power Bait
Power bait is 100% fortified with the most advanced ingredients and has the right combination of shape, color, scent, and size to trigger more strikes. This means more bites and therefore more catches!
  • Freshwater Line
Your fishing line often dictates the difference between the satisfaction of landing that lunker or the disappointment of seeing it swim away when your line breaks. We can help you select the most appropriate line to improve your chances!
  • Reels
Just like fishing line, the reel you choose is also very important in helping you get that big catch! Drop by Dundee Amstar Bait Shop and let us help you choose the right type fishing reel for you.
  • Fishing Net
  • We carry fishing nets that are made with relatively thin thread, such as artificial polyamides like nylon, organic polyamides such as wool or silk thread. We can help you select the right fishing net for you.
  • All Sorts of Lures
We carry lures in a near endless array of styles, colors, sizes, and types to make the perfect bait! Making the right choice is largely based on the type of fish you are trying to catch and the fishing conditions. Let us help you pick the rigth one at Dundee Bait Shop.
  • Fishing Containers
We carry fishing and bait containers in all shapes and sizes. Come visit our store at intersection of RT 72 (Higgins Road) and River Street, just blocks away from Fox River, to see the full range of containers we carry.
  • and much more...

Our Live Bait Collection Includes:

  • Premium Nightcrawlers
Nothing beats nightcrawlers as a live bait. They are fat and juicy and ready for you to use as bait. Keep refrigerated for prolonged life.
  • Redworms

One of the best baits for fishing is the red worm. Red worms look just like a baby night crawler and are much more effective as fishing bait when fishing in rivers and streams.

  • Leeches
Leeches are an excellent live bait used on many Upper Michigan fresh water lakes, rivers and streams. Leeches are seasonal so ask our friendly staff about availability.
  • Neon Nightcrawlers
Neon Nightcrawlers are great for attracting bass, catfish and crappie. The great thing about these worms is that they glow brightly in deeper dark waters attracting large fish.
  • Waxworms
Large, milky-white wax worms make dynamite bait for trout, small bass, small channel catfish, whitefish and panfish such as perch, crappie and bluegill.
  • Fatheads Minnows
Fathead Minnows are commonly used for fishing bait. They tend to be quite abundant in common fishing areas due to their ability to tolerate a lot of water conditions.
  • Leafworms
Leafworms are a much thinner version of the night crawler, but not as long. These worms remain quite active once hooked and will wriggle constantly.
  • Spikes
Spikes is the politically correct term for maggots. It is loved by all species and sizes of fish from inch long minnows to forty pound plus carp.
  • Golden Shiners Minnows
Golden Shiner Minnows are commonly used for fishing bait and are excellent bait fish, used either alive or dead

General Products:

  • Snacks
  • Candies
  • Wine
  • Pop
  • Cold Beer
  • Liquor
  • Cousin-sub Sandwiches
  • Chips
  • and much more...


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